Total Training CS3 Adobe

Animated Gif's
Make pictures same size > File > Image Ready > Window > Animation > Make FRame from layers >
add pictures> save Optimized > Place it in site

Double Click Background to open file

To cut and paste you must work on a layer other than the background.

Cntrl Space L  Click  Enlarge Pictures    Alt Space Lclick  Reduce Pictures

Selecting (While still holding down mouse)  (You can change from one selection tool to the next while working)
Shift Key to add to selection    Alt Key to subtract from selection  Space bar to move selection  

Eliptical  Tool      Perfect Circle  hold shift Key   (rectangle Shift for square)   Circles are made in a box.  Use the Alt key to recenter an elipse

Cntrl D = Deselect        

Marquee Tool
   Alt -Backspace  to fill selection - Background color
  You can mix and match tools in making selections    Shift and Elliptical  to make perfect circle  (or squares)
             Shift when using most tools that drag will make it proportional.  Elliptical is in a box use the alt key        to move expansion from the center. 
Shift Key  is for adding to selection        Alt is for subtracting or cutting holes

  straight lines click point, click point, click point
 guess where you want the line - chooses contrast and clicks to the line.  When trouble click to make choice

Select by color
Quick Select by color but we paint with it (automatically set to add).   (Really quick - Remember alt will subtract sections

Magic Wand Tool selects by color  when shade changes it stops.  Shift to add    Alt to subtract 

Refine select edges - 








Save Selections and load











Control Click on Layer to select everything in that layer.


[  decreases size of brush    ] increases size      Shift -[  increase Hardness of brush    Shift- ]  decrease hardness of brush