Common div's in the master page.

Pick the div >right Click > manage content regions
Name it > Add

 Attach them master     File > New>master
Can't use common areas until you turn them on > arrow at left of div > Create

Data Base

Establish link
accessdatabasesource  or xml  or SQL

Training uses SQL Server Database File

LocalHost/SQLEXPRESS    is default Server Name in this program









This is for entering a data base file as we are doing in Web Expressions










Both of the App.Data files are needed for this to work.   1 = Data Base File   2 = log files

On Server the App-Data file it the correct convention for   ASP Net.2.0

In the mdf file there are two tables.

Drag from Tool Box the SQLDataSource into the Content Area

Configure Data Source



Configure Data Source




Test Query











  Deselect Data Source right click on it.